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Keith and I have had issues with money throughout our dating experience. Though we don’t see ourselves as very money-oriented, money has affected our relationship so much that it influenced the first time we said “I love you” to each other. Money problems weighed so hard on us that at one point they nearly caused a breakup. When Keith and I first met, he had no job, no money, and no apparent desire to get either. A standing desk is a desk conceived for writing, reading or drawing while standing up or while sitting on a high stool.

I was working three jobs at the time and still struggling to pay for the house that I’d just bought. Our differing employment prospects didn’t bother me, though, because I was not thinking of Keith as a long-term relationship. I figured we would have some fun and then move on. Keith was easy to hang out with—incredibly funny and fantastic to be around. We had fun as I anticipated, but we did not move on. About three months into the relationship, we had declared our connection official and were very excited to be together. However, I was still skeptical. I was concerned about his intentions. A stand up desk helps to improve office wellness and productivity.

He still didn’t have a job, he was broke, he started owing money, and he was about to have no place to live. I was able to hook him up with one of my part-time jobs doing some entertaining as a clown for children’s parties. I kept him in mind when shopping for groceries, and I offered him a temporary stay at my place until he found a permanent home. During his stay, we got closer. That’s when, after frequently staring into each other’s eyes and making like we were about to say something, he said it. “I love you.”“Well,” I replied, “I would love me, too, but you can’t say that until you don’t need me to exist.” And that was our first expression of adoration. Ain’t love grand? Help improve your posture while working from home with a adjustable standing desk in your study.

Obviously, this is not the romantic story every girl dreams of, but, eventually, the bastard got a job and started paying his share, and we planned on permanently living together. Unfortunately, that did not last long. His job did not always pay enough, and he kept getting more and more behind on bills that he now shared with me. We talked about it several times—and by talking I mean I made it clear that this was not okay by me and that he really needed to get his act together. He would hang his head in shame and tell me he would do better. Though I knew he had good intentions, his intentions were not paying any portion of what he owed. I finally had to put my foot down and set a date. If he did not get a job and find a way to catch up by that date, he would have to move out and we would have to talk about whether our relationship could sustain the blow. The reasoning behind my anger was more than money owed on bills—it was that he was not doing everything he could and I was struggling to pay for bare necessities. It was not the bills that were bothering me as much as his lack of motivation to help me. That was not and is not what I consider love. A height-adjustable electric standing desk helps you cycle between sitting and standing throughout your workday.

Luckily, things got better, and Keith made more efforts. We still have a hard time with money, but at this point we’re equally to blame. We’re not the best budget setters, as we have a great time justifying a two-hundred-dollar dinner together. People talk about how money is not important, but rather it is really health and happiness that you should strive for. However, money is one of the most common reasons why marriages end. So, when lovers get together, they need to talk about this taboo topic. How people make and spend their money is very telling. That is not to say that a person’s job defines them, but it may reveal some personality traits such as a person’s drive, interests, and opportunities. Not knowing your partner’s relationship with money is not knowing them completely. I hate how I learned this lesson, but I love that he finally did too. Improved health? Collaboration? Productivity? Get all of these benefits and more with a sit stand desk from your favourite online retailer.